Thursday, June 7, 2012

23 weeks

Oy. Where has this week gone? I woke up this morning, realized it was Thursday, and that I had not done my post for this week. Linnea got really really sick on Sunday, so I skipped church and took her to the doctor. She got tested for Whooping Cough. The test was inconclusive since her nose is so stubby, the nurse couldn't get the swab as far back as she needed. So she got put on the medication for it, and 4 days later, she's acting and feeling a lot better.I am also thankful she has had all of her DTaP shots.  I got sick with whatever she has on Tuesday. The antibiotics for it are definitely helping, but I'm not 100% better yet. I'm very thankful my husband has not gotten sick. I'm praying he doesn't get sick.

I am 23 weeks as of Tuesday. I have gained a pound!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how excited by this I am. I'm hoping to continue to gain weight. I'm praying that I actually get to wear maternity clothes and look pregnant this time around. Tobin is still healthy despite my sickness! PRAISE THE LORD! Having a fever and having a hard time eating makes this mama worry about her jelly bean. I haven't had any nausea this past week at all. Which is pretty awesome. I think not being able to smell anything has really helped with that. haha. Tobin's head has been firmly lodged in my ribs, and he has been kicking my hips. I'm praying that he moves head down soon. I know that he still has time, but Linnea was head down and engaged from 18 weeks on, so this is a new occurrence for me.

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  1. Annika - I hear ya on the week's flying by. Before I know it, it's Sunday and I need to get the link-up up. But for some reason this pregnancy doesn't seem to be flying by! Go figure! :(

    Celebrating the one pound with you! I know what a big deal that is for you! Praying you gain many more! Glad the little one is healthy though!