Sunday, April 29, 2012

17 weeks!

I am so blessed and honored to have been asked personally to a link up this week. =) Thanks Sarah

Here's what's going on with my 17th week of pregnancy #2!

How far along are you? I am 17 1/2 weeks currently. I turn 18 weeks on Wednesday

Best Moment this week? Feeling the baby have hiccups for the first time, and watching my belly move along with it. It's such a surreal feeling and so amazing at the same time.

Prayer requests? I've already been hospitalized twice this pregnancy(including my short stint in the hospital today) for the stomach flu. I'm a little worried about how well the baby is growing, for the amount I've been sick. Please pray for a healthy baby and a healthy mommy. =)

What scripture is speaking to you this week? Jeremiah 1:5 has been really on my heart this week. This baby was a surprise( a very welcomed one, but a surprise none the less) and just thinking how God knows this little person fully, before I even get to meet them, or feel them move inside of me, or even hear their heartbeat just has me in awe of our wonderful creator and God.

Symptoms? Morning sickness up the yin yang (I have hyperemesis gravidarum so it's kind of a duh thing) And the leg cramps have started.
Weight gain (or loss)? Loss. Most definitely loss over here. I'm currently down 14 pounds. My weight was the same at my doctor's appointment last Monday, so that's an improvement!

Cravings? Anything citrusy, potatoes, italian food, salads

Food Aversions? beef. Mexican food. Onion dip

What Made Me Cry This Week? A car ad made me cry this week. I'm a little ashamed to post that. I was thinking of one of my friends who got a brand new car for Christmas from her husband and the joy that she got from that made me think of being able to give free cars to random people, and sharing in their joy.

Sleep? It is lacking. My 9 month old is teething, so sleep is a little hard to come by, though I do nap when she does.

Maternity Clothes? Most definitely. I actually look pregnant now, which is a little bit of a self confidence booster. =) My normal pants still fit, but they press on my belly and hurt, so I wear my maternity pants with a belt so they don't fall down. I am wearing maternity shirts now though. My normal shirts are too long.

Stretch Marks? Yup. Still have them from my last pregnancy.

Gender? Don't know til next Monday, but I think it's a boy

Movement? Some.

What I miss.... This is TOTALLY selfish of me, but I miss being able to have a drink randomly with dinner when I go out on dates with my husband. I also miss being able to eat raw cookie dough. (SO bad for you, but SO GOOD!)

What I'm looking forward to.... Finding out the gender next week, and growing closer to this precious life inside of me!


  1. So sorry you have been so sick. I am praying for good health for you and baby. I was 17+ weeks pregnant before we told people.. no trouble hiding it, becase I wasn't howing. And about 2 weeks later I POPPED!

    1. Hi Hannah! Thanks for praying! I really appreciated it!

  2. (((Annika))) I'm so glad you linked up!! I will definitely be praying for your morning sickness and the baby's growth. How longs does your m/s usually last?

    It's such a neat thing to watch your belly with a hiccuping baby inside!

    I miss that too! My husband and I have a "date night" every Saturday and sometimes we like to enjoy a glass of wine together.

    Mmmmm, cookie dough!!

    Can't wait to hear what you have in there!